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Milifans - episode 14. Grab it as .mp3

Idea delivery mechanisms - episode 13. Grab it as .mp3

Data, journalism, and other buzzwords - episode 12. Grab it as .mp3

Art and internet of things things - episode 11. Grab it as .mp3

Mostly Papert - episode X. Grab it as .mp3

Off by one - episode 9. Grab it as .mp3

Back once again - episode 8. Grab it as .mp3

Surprise audiobook - episode 7. Grab it as .mp3

Depression as a service - episode 6. Grab it as .mp3

The one about the boat lift - episode 5. Grab it as .mp3

Special guest: @tef <3 - episode 4. Grab it as .mp3

ALL THE BOATS!!1!one - episode 3. Grab it as .mp3

AMAZ ED BALLS special - episode 2. Grab it as .mp3

BOOOOM episode 1. Grab it as .mp3

OMG the pilot episode!!1 Grab it as .mp3